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Sheldon fencing provides a massive collection of fencing products in the West Midlands which can be used to create do-it-yourself fences for your property. Our full range of products include wood panels, gates, fittings, posts and rails and more. You need to follow some guidelines to start building your DIY fence with our products. Read on to find out:

1. Dig post holes for your corner posts. Determine spacing for posts at the start, which typically is about 6-8 feet apart. Make sure a third of the post is buried into the ground. Set the posts firmly in the hole using gravel, and after they are aligned, set them by tamping the ground above it.

2. Attach the rails to posts: Attach a bottom and a top rail. Make sure both rails are perfectly aligned.

3. Install fence panels: Start with one of the corner posts. Attach a panel so that is perfectly vertical and aligned with the post. If you need more panels for your fence, bury more posts and nail extra panels ahead till you are done.

Follow these guidelines to carry out Sheldon fencing effectively.

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